Our employees are our most important resource.  Happy employees are motivated employees. We want our people to feel good at their place of work so we ensure we have modern offices, quality equipment, and a warm and welcoming working atmosphere, with cozy places for a break.

TVM Sustainibility


TVMANIA is active in supporting diverse social projects all over the world. Participation in social activities is an important element of our day-to-day business. Being socially connected with other people and with social institutions, such as clubs and organizations, schools, helps increase our sense of belonging, and gives us the opportunity to share our success, experience and drive with those who need help and support. We support a number of charities through volunteering our time, fundraising, or simply making a donation. Supporting charities by giving our time is important to us and we continually seek and utilize opportunities to get involved. When we are not actively working with a charity, we are fundraising. Whether it is a bake sale, running a marathon, or simply donating clothes to children in need, people in all of our offices raise money for the good of others.


TVMania is dedicated to improving ethical standards throughout our global supply chain by working in close partnership with our specialist in-country teams in Bangladesh, China, India and Turkey. This global, yet hands-on approach has helped us forge strong and lasting relationships with our suppliers. Together we are better able to manage our customers’ requirements, whilst making meaningful progress in improving conditions in workplaces across our supply base. AT TVMania we understand how important it is for our customers, and their customers, to know that the products they buy are made by people who are treated fairly and have safe conditions in which to work. We are always striving to improve our compliance performance and by working closely with our internal auditing teams, we are raising awareness of ethical issues with our suppliers, whilst offering complete transparency to our customers. We are committed to sharing and driving best practice procedures across the Global Brands Group, working with our colleagues across the world to make significant steps towards a sustainable garment supply chain.

ethical code

The foundation of Global Brands Group Holding Limited’s (GBG’s) culture lies in our history and our values. We believe that we should always conduct ourselves and our business openly, honestly and in compliance with all applicable laws. 

Our reputation is built on the actions of our people and this is why what you do everyday is so important. We believe that our success should be based on a common vision of shared values and a consistent standard of conduct. In other words, all of us have a responsibility to uphold our reputation and our values.

This code of conduct and business ethics provides the general principles on the way we should conduct ourselves and our business, how we should serve our customers and how we should work with our suppliers.

TVM Ethical Code